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What is the preparation process and what can be expected during the operation?

Our Hair transplantation preparation is begun with a detailed and free of charge consultation with one of our specialists. At the consultation the patient is informed about the possible operating techniques and is given detailed information regarding the operation process and after operational care. Additional information regarding other offered procedures at our clinic can be explained in full at this time as well.

Hair transplantation technology is based on medical fact. The roots at the nape of the neck do not carry the genetic information that leads to hair loss and this makes it possible to transfer them to areas where hair no longer exists.


Operational method for hair transplantation:

Transplantation of follicular units – During the first phase of the procedure a strip of skin containing healthy hair roots is taken from the nape of the neck. Local anesthesia is applied to this area during the process and only a thin line or barely perceptible scar remains after the removal. During the second phase, small holes are made at the bald areas or at the areas of thin hair coverage. The third phase consists simply of transplanting the healthy hair follicles into the holes created. The advantage of this method is that it is straightforward, concise and perfectly utilizes each graft section taken from the neck. The term follicular units refers to the sections containing two or three hair roots each that are usually applied in irregular lines to the forehead to provide the most natural look. These methods are performed by a transplanting pen, which gives you an extremely accurate depositing of hair roots. Lastly the skin is sealed by a small drop of blood that later crusts over the hole and aids the body’s natural healing process. These crusts will fall off upon healing of their own accord.

GHO Method– This method is extremely similar to the above-mentioned method except that the needle used for both the healthy hair follicle removal and the implant process is the same size thus ensuring that the grafts perfectly fit into the provided openings.

Will the results be permanent?

Hair grows from the healthy hair roots without genetic disorder by the end of third month following the operation. All of our operational methods assure permanent, lifelong effects of hair growth within the transplantation areas.

What can I expect during the recovery?

Development of the healing process depends on the client’s observation of the doctor’s instructions. On the 10th-14th day after the procedure the patient can expect only pinkish dots to remain, which will increasingly fade to the color of the surrounding skin pigment over time.

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